Allegories for Modern Times

This group of work is titled "Allegories for Modern Times". Websters definition of allegory states that it is : The expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence.

Physically these pieces are large by photographic standards. The photographic portion of these works are 4 feet by 5 feet in dimension and are mounted on canvas that is roughly 65 inches by 75 inches. Additionally, all of these pieces have been painted both on the photographic surface and the canvas boundaries with acrylics.

I approached making this group of work from two broad cultural view points. The first was a more general take on the real and mythological heritage of the old "Wild West/Texas" as a place that required the fearless pioneering spirit to settle and conquer the wide open unknown. The second was to embellish this idea via the use of imagery often found in "B" movies, many of which dealt mythological themes of the old west. Of course these movies were often garish and bigger than life, while retaining at least some semblance of truth. I have chosen to twist these tales around so that these characters portrayed in my work show that often irrational fear of the unknown which even now seems to retain some significance in our current society.

I grew up in Texas and have been virtually a life long resident. I remember being told the stories and myths of this place where I live. Like many others I have these tales woven into my own personal consciousness.


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