Altered Landscapes

The Altered Landscape series was the first series of work I did after graduate school. These images are really a continuation of an idea that was my thesis work. I was influenced great by photographers like John Pfahl, Evon Streetman and Jerry Uelsmann. All of these photographers had used the landscape in their imagery but rather than just being “scenic” the landscape functioned in a metaphorical way.

These images appear to be shot in the studio (actually 2 of them were) but most of them were shot outside in situ with large walls containing information of various sorts. Not long after I had returned from graduate school back to Texas I had attended a workshop on self hypnosis. In the process of inducing a state of “hypnosis” were were asked to bring up images as if there were a screen that we could see inside our thoughts. These large walls of information were really as result of this concept.

I was never quite sure if this body of work was actually finished. I have also thought of it as being open ended and that I might get back to the specific look of this work. However, in many ways this work precedes and influences other work that will come further down the line for me.

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